The Soulstar – The Reality of Love

You actually live in a web of emotional relationships. This web works like a computer program repeating itself on and on. It creates an illusionary magnetic field, we all believe in, which we call reality. It is the result of thoughts, feelings and ideas we’ve been repeating for eons, living like slaves, full with fear and hate.

To change that you need to follow the preceding steps.

By doing that, we explore another reality, which we call The Soulstar, the web of love. Within the Soulstar the inner child finds home again.

There is a longing for a new world.
A world where real human beings live. Just being themselves,
living from moment to moment. Always new, always new.
Like kids,
playing with each other and yet being oneself. Being free from the need
to act like the others because of fears. Being free from that feeling of security
the slave gets from his chains.
Dancing and singing
all together and yet every single one just by himself.
Dancing and singing one song.
The song of life